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Other News
(11/20/2014) Mexico City is bracing for demonstrations as caravans of students and family members of 43 missing college students converge on the capital after several days crisscrossing the country. More on this story
(11/20/2014) Authorities say a top U.S. Air Force Academy official has resigned after being arrested in a prostitution sting. More on this story
(11/20/2014) From the researcher who showed female hitchhikers with big breasts got picked up more by men than their flatter-chested counterparts comes another revealing study: one that appears to confirm that guys think high heels are sexier than flats. More on this story
(10/27/2014) Shares of some top computer companies were mixed at the close of trading: Apple Inc s fell $.11 or .1 percent, to $105.11. More on this story
(11/20/2014) Hours before addressing the nation on immigration, President Barack Obama left the White House for lunch. More on this story
(11/20/2014) Developing a seasonal flu vaccine has long challenged scientists, as predicting the strain that will impact the public in any given year involves an educated guessing game. More on this story