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Other News
(10/2/2014) Police say it's been determined that almost all of the people killed on a Japanese volcano died of injuries from being hit by volcanic rocks that flew out during its eruption. More on this story
(10/2/2014) A fire at a farm in central North Carolina has killed more than 4,000 hogs. More on this story
(10/2/2014) The first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States is receiving treatment while isolated in a Texas hospital, but what does such isolation involve, and how exactly do doctors ensure the deadly virus doesn't spread to others? More on this story
(7/10/2014) U.S. stocks are ending lower as fears about the health of a European bank weigh on the market. More on this story
(10/1/2014) Taxpayers in an eastern Pennsylvania community are out nearly $400,000 after the school district lost a four-year legal battle over breast cancer awareness bracelets officials deemed offensive. More on this story
(10/2/2014) A high school football player has died after he collided with an opponent and collapsed during a game on Long Island. More on this story