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March is our "Secure Your E-mail Account Month".

There was a time when you didn't need to lock your front door. You couldleave the keys in your car! You could leave your belongings unattended inpublic without fear of loss. Who would dream of doing that now? :-(

Welcome to the year 2016. Technologically speaking many of our clients havenot imporved security measures in more than a decade!

Within an hour of reading these words, there will be an automated attempt tocrack E-mail account passwords here. What used to happen maybe once a month,now happens virutally every hour. Having passwords like: "password", or"123456" are just plain reckless.

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(8/24/2016) After a pre-dawn barrage of heavy artillery and airstrikes, Turkey sent tanks and special forces into Syria on Wednesday to help clear a border town of Islamic State militants in Ankara's most significant military involvement so far in the Syria conflict. More on this story
(8/24/2016) An Ohio sheriff who is up for re-election this fall has been arrested on charges that he stole medications from prescription drug disposal drop boxes, deceived doctors into giving him painkillers and misused department funds. More on this story
(8/24/2016) Scientists have discovered Proxima b, a rocky planet in orbit around Proxima, the star closest to our solar system. Experts are confident that the planet, which is just four light years away, could be habitable. More on this story
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(8/24/2016) An Instagram video starring the social networks hottest doctor administering breast cancer exams in New Yorks Central Park has reached over 220,000 views after being posted on Monday. More on this story