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Other News
(10/31/2014) The United Nations presented a compelling argument to end a slew of human rights violations including testimony from the attorney for an Iranian woman who was recently hanged after being wrongfully convicted of murdering a man she alleged was trying to rape her. More on this story
(10/31/2014) The New York Police Department's highest ranking black official, Chief Philip Banks III, is quitting the department instead of taking a new post. More on this story
(10/31/2014) What can pictures of maggot infestations, mutilated animals, dirty toilets, and rotting corpses tell you about a person's political affiliation? More on this story
(10/27/2014) Shares of some top computer companies were mixed at the close of trading: Apple Inc s fell $.11 or .1 percent, to $105.11. More on this story
(10/31/2014) The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is paying a researcher $17,500 to make students at New Mexico State University wear a fat vest for weight sensitivity training. More on this story
(10/31/2014) The ability to remember locations and directions may suffer when deep sleep is disrupted by breathing difficulties, a new study suggests.  More on this story