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(12/1/2015) They drift into seas near Japan by the dozens every year, ghostly wrecked ships thought to come from impoverished North Korea. More on this story
(12/1/2015) Chicagos top cop is out. More on this story
(12/1/2015) Paleontologists have found what they believe is the biggest dinosaur site in Scotland, one that includes hundreds of huge footprints from plant-eating sauropods dating to around 170 million years ago. More on this story
(11/16/2015) Brent crude oil prices fell on Monday as worries about the economic impact of Friday's deadly attacks in Paris and a global glut of crude supplies weighed on sentiment, while U.S. crude rose with the stock market. More on this story
(12/1/2015) 999 emails containing now-classified material underscore how much sensitive info was crossing her private server. More on this story
(12/1/2015) Researchers have found that a key protein in aspirin may help pulverize an enzyme linked to neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Huntingtons diseases suggesting that taking the common drug may help reduce Americans disease risk. More on this story