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Other News
(1/29/2015) Indonesian investigators say the co-pilot of the crashed AirAsia jet was in controls when he struggled to recover the aircraft as stall warnings sounded. More on this story
(1/29/2015) A treasure hunter locked in a legal battle over one of the greatest undersea hauls in American history was scheduled to appear in federal court Thursday after two years on the run. More on this story
(1/28/2015) Archaeologists are excavating the vessel that served as the flagship of the pirate Blackbeard, and the medical equipment they have recovered from the shipwreck suggests the notorious buccaneer had to toil to keep his crew healthy More on this story
(1/8/2015) The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, adding to signs of a strengthening labor market. More on this story
(1/29/2015) Mitt Romney used a speech at Mississippi State University on Wednesday to strike at Hillary Clinton's foreign policy and economic credentials in what could be seen as a sneak preview of the 2016 presidential race. More on this story
(1/29/2015) Feeling sad or lethargic now that the days are shorter and the temperatures have dropped? Sleeping more often than you want? More on this story