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(9/3/2015) Israel has unveiled an 1,800-year-old sarcophagus that workers found at a building site and initially tried to conceal. More on this story
(9/3/2015) Wildlife officials in Florida say they're searching for an 8-foot-long king cobra snake that escaped from a home in Orlando. More on this story
(9/3/2015) Fragments of an ancient Koran, which scholars say may predate the accepted founding date of Islam by the prophet Muhammad, are sparking intense debate with at least one expert saying that the manuscripts writing belongs to a slightly later era. More on this story
(7/27/2015) Wall Street kicked off the trading week in negative territory, following a global, China-led selloff amid continued weakness in commodities. More on this story
(9/3/2015) Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both out in front in the 2016 sweepstakesand it turns out theyre pretty unpopular. More on this story
(9/3/2015) Mounting medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses can leave families battling childhood cancer in financial turmoil. The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund provides financial and emotional support to families so parents can #BETHERE for their child More on this story