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(9/19/2014) Air France pilots are prolonging a walkout that has grounded more than half the airline's flights all week. More on this story
(9/19/2014) A grandfather shot and killed his daughter and her six children Thursday in the town of Bell, Florida before committing suicide after police arrived at the scene, authorities said. More on this story
(9/19/2014) Its a little known fact, or perhaps a dark matter best forgotten, but the child care facility on Isaac Newton Square in Reston, Va., was once the epicenter of a new strain of Ebola. More on this story
(7/10/2014) U.S. stocks are ending lower as fears about the health of a European bank weigh on the market. More on this story
(9/19/2014) Vice President Biden, speaking to a Democratic womens forum, had an awkward moment Friday as he praised former Sen. Bob Packwood -- who was forced out of Congress over sexual harassment claims. More on this story
(9/19/2014) As details emerge about the brutal murders of at least eight Ebola aid workers and journalists whose bodies were found dumped in a latrine in a Guinean village, questions linger about whether the murders will have a chilling effect on the international relief effort. More on this story