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Other News
(8/1/2015) Official data show China's manufacturing recorded no growth in July, in a sign of weakness in the world's second-largest economy. More on this story
(8/1/2015) The U.S. Forest Service says a firefighter from South Dakota has been killed battling one of more than a dozen wildfires burning across California. More on this story
(7/31/2015) Residents of the Woodland Acres Subdivision started filtering in to Old River-Winfree city offices on Monday evening, clutching containers of water filled with tiny red worms (shown in the video here)—worms they say came out of their faucets, sprinklers, and showers, the Houston Chronicle reports. More on this story
(7/27/2015) Wall Street kicked off the trading week in negative territory, following a global, China-led selloff amid continued weakness in commodities. More on this story
(7/31/2015) Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that the latest batch of Hillary Clinton's e-mails released by the State Department wouldn't likely contain any smoking guns, because the most damaging e-mails may already have been deleted by the Clinton herself. More on this story
(7/31/2015) A third person with Legionnaires' disease has died as New York City investigators search for the source of an outbreak that has sickened dozens. More on this story