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Other News
(7/6/2015) Samsung Electronics Co. forecasts its second-quarter profit has dropped 4 percent from a year earlier. More on this story
(7/6/2015) A New York court has again overturned the conviction of a former Goldman Sachs programmer twice tried for stealing confidential computer code. More on this story
(7/6/2015) The New Horizons spacecraft is still on track for its historic July 14 flyby of Pluto despite experiencing a technical glitch on Saturday. More on this story
(4/18/2015) A $50 million renovation of Atlantic City's Tropicana casino shows how far it has come from eight years ago, when the property was on life support. More on this story
(7/6/2015) Charles Krauthammer told viewers Monday on Special Report with Bret Baier that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is engaged in a fake campaign. More on this story
(7/6/2015) A British teenager's toilet phobia appears to have cost her her life. More on this story